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Kepler Ten sign deal with White Star Records

Kepler Ten
Kepler Ten

White Star Records have signed UK prog outfit Kepler Ten.

The trio of vocalist, bassist and keyboardist James Durand, drummer and pianist Steve Hales, along with guitarist Richie Cahill, join Voices From The Fuselage and former Touchstone vocalist Kim Seviour on John Mitchell and Chris Hillman’s new label.

Hales says: “There was no discussion to have. We immediately knew that this was where we wanted to go. When I heard back from John and Chris and realised that they liked our songs that was it, we were on a mission.

“White Star are the perfect blend of musician, producer and industry professional and jolly nice chaps they are too.

“Within 15 minutes of our very first meeting John and James were happily comparing their Star Wars shoes! Bonkers.”

Frost* man Mitchell adds: “We were sent so many demos following our feature in Prog that Chris and I had to spend a few days ploughing through them all.

“There was a lot of good stuff there but one that leapt out above the rest was Kepler Ten. It was one of the last ones we listened to and we were getting a bit tired but we both went, ‘Yes!’ The Star Wars shoes were obviously the deciding factor though.”

White Star will release Kepler Ten’s debut album Delta V in early 2017, with a single planned for November.

Kepler Ten will play Southampton’s Talking Heads on October 28, where they’ll support themselves in their guise R2-A Tribute To Rush.

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