Jon Gomm shares poignant video for Song For A Rainy Day in memory of lost friend

Jon Gomm
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Acoustic guitar trailblazer Jon Gomm has released a video for the poignant Song For A Rainy Day, which you can watch below.

The song was written in tribute to Gomm's friend Johnny Walker who died in 2018 and whose passing "cracked me open and let in the light.”  The song is taken from Gomm's most recent album, The Faintest Idea, which has was released through Kscope Records in 2020.

"A human whirlwind, Jonny Walker seemed to live two days for every one of mine," says Gomm. "Performing, activism, and endlessly helping others. He was loved as a street performer for his emotional openness and honesty, which was entirely genuine. 

"You could be feeling down and he'd just knock the wind out of you with a smile that beamed love and optimism. He was the most frustrating but rewarding guitar pupil I ever had: trying to teach him was always like trying to hit a moving target, but what he did with that knowledge was take to the streets and create special moments in people's lives.   

"His last 18 months were the most painful and scary I have seen anyone endure, and the strength and kindness Jonny showed throughout were an inspiration to me, but in the end it was too much for him, and he took his own life. I desperately miss the support we gave to each other.   

"I love you mate. I got the last line from this song tattooed on my left forearm. I wish I could show you."

Fans can also win a private concert with Jon by recording their own audio or video of them singing or playing along to Song For A Rainy Day. Full details on how to enter are available here.

Jerry Ewing

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