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It's Black Friday for HRH AOR: Mega-Deals on last few rooms!

US residents will be all-too-familiar with the concept of Black Friday, that day when shops slash prices, resulting in an orgiastic frenzy of unfettered consumerism. With added violence. Well, today, we recreating the concept, hopefully with less blood-letting.

Back by popular demand - and for one day only - we’re giving you the last chance to grab a room and the very last chance to cash in on a crazy £500 a room deal. For only a 50 quid deposit, plus a booking fee of £10 per person you can secure a spot for you and your friends at HRH AOR3 with passes and accommodation for as little as £72.50. The more you bring the cheaper it is, but regardless if its 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 of you, it’s still only 500 quid! Bargain! Ring Fleur now on 0203 287 6684 for full details and come join the party!