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Irij release provocative new video for Kiss The Sky


Irij, the band formed by former Eluveitie member Meri Tadic, have released a provocative new promo video for Kiss The Sky, which you can watch below.

"Kiss The Sky is a deeply joyful ode to the human insignificance," Tadic expalins to Prog. "Seemingly devastating, the song conveys a thoroughly liberating feeling about the fact how little power the human species actually holds.  

"In any case, the song asks you to kiss the sky more often, as it is laying it all out in front of you, every single day, everywhere."

The song is taken from her forthcoming EP, The Intrepid Child Of Venus, which will be released in Winter 2019.

The Intrepid Child Of Venus brings back an entirely new set of values from its exile on Venus," she continues. "A contempt for a conceited human population and its rather ridiculous attempts on controlling this planet, is palpable."

Irij will release a new single from the EP at the end of the Summer.

"The story of The Child has only just begun," says Tadic.