Icelandic post-rockers VAR release video for Run

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Icelandic post-rockers VAR have released a video for Run. The song is taken from the band's recently released album The Never-Ending Year on Spartan Records. You can watch Run in full below.

VAR began life as the solo project for vocalist, guitarist and pianist Júlíus Óttar in 2013, but soon after, he realized that his vision for VAR called for more personnel. Enter Myrra Rós (synths, vocals) and his brother Egill Björgvinsson (bass) joined the band along with friends Arnór Jónasson (guitar) and Andri Freyr Þorgeirsson (drums). Since then, Myrra Rós has moved and and Sigurður Ingi Einarsson replaced Andri Freyr.

"The meaning of the name VAR comes from ships entering into the harbor to seek shelter from bad weather out at sea,” says Júlíus Óttar. "The band practices in an old fish plant by the shore in a small fishing village on the south coast. The power and the noise of the ocean is bound to influence you.”

“When we began writing The Never-Ending Year we had to compensate for members leaving. This is when we started playing louder and faster,” says bassist Egill Björgvinsson. 

“We recorded the song Moments before we had decided to make the full record, and we contacted our friend Eiður to work with us on the single. He had a specific sound that we wanted to try out, and the collaboration was really great — so we moved forward with him from there,” adds Óttar. "Lyrically there was not a conscious decision to sing in English, until then most of our songs have been in Icelandic. Somehow the feeling of the songs called for English lyrics and we let that feeling flow through the album."


(Image credit: VAR)

VAR: The Never-Ending Year
1. Moments
2. Fearless
3. Drowning
4. Run
5. By The Ocean
6. Where To Find You
7. Breathing
8. Highlands
9. Still I Miss You

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