Hemina premiere video for What's The Catch with Prog

(Image credit: Incendia)

Australian prog rockers Hemina have premiered their new promo video for What's The Catch with Prog. You can watch the whole new video below.

What's The Catch is taken from the band's forthcoming new album Night Echoes, which is released on August 9. it's another concept album centred around the main character of the band's previous three releases Synthetic (20111), Nebulae (2104) and Venus (2016).

“Listening to What’s the Catch in its finished state is really emotional for me now. I am proud of its directness," guitarist and vocalist Dougie Skene tells Prog. "It’s something not always seen in prog music. Stemming from the early 70s in what was largely an insular English movement, there wasn’t a lot of room for outpourings of affection over complicated chords and time changes. I guess the other pop groups of the time were doing enough of that so that Crimson and Yes weren’t obliged to. For me, there is nothing to be explored in the Dungeons and Dragons paradigm, I am much more interested in being moved by human connections. I guess this track is just more evidence that I’m just a big softie.

"I remember listening to a lot of J Rock and a ton of Enter Shikari and Bring Me the Horizon in the last couple of years. I was always enchanted and taken aback by their ability to connect these basic states of intimacy set to beautiful musical textures that could connect with everyone. There’s a fair bit going on in this song and it’s quite progressive in ways, but there’s the other “darker” side that is just pop. In being progessive, it’s important that no sounds are out of bounds for us, regardless of taboo.

What’s the Catch is an unashamedly romantic song about the intensity of an all-convincing love. The kind of connection that amplified by that time in our lives when emotion and thought are at their most sensitive and overwhelming. The protagonist of Night Echoes is in many ways an individual with his own history, but in most ways - he is simply a teenager and simply human."

Jerry Ewing

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