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Godsticks team up with Tesseract’s Daniel Tompkins for new single Denigrate

Godsticks (Image credit: Eleanor Jane)

Godsticks have announced details of their new studio album and released a video for the first single Denigrate, which features a guest appearance from Tesseract frontman Daniel Tompkins.

The follow-up to 2017’s Faced With Rage is titled Inescapable and it’ll arrive on February 7 through Kscope – and although not a concept album, it is said to shine “an inquisitive light on frontman Darran Charles’ struggle with inner demons which gave the songs a new level of intimacy.”

Darran explains: “Lyrically, I’ve always shared personal thoughts, feelings and experiences but in a very ambiguous way. For Inescapable – in a conscious effort not to repeat ourselves – I thought I’d be a little more self-reflective and perhaps examine some of my inner demons.

“I have a strange relationship with music, and especially playing guitar. I would struggle to survive without either, but equally they have made my life mentally torturous because my own self-worth is completely wrapped up in them. 

“I used to be very much a perfectionist in my early years, and while some people may wear that as a badge of honour, I eventually viewed it as huge heavy weight dragging down. It was a long time before I arrived at the realisation that perfection was impossible to achieve.”

As for Denigrate, Tompkins was invited to contribute vocal harmonies, which is said to add “an extra layer of aggression and energy,” while the promo was directed by George Laycock of Blacktide Audio/Visual.

Drummer Tom Price says: “Everyone in the band was so excited about the concept, but when we arrived on set and saw a large table full of cakes, sweets, chocolate, sugar, sprinkles, honey and all manners of confectionary, the magnitude of what we had all let ourselves in for finally dawned on us! 

“By the end of the shoot we were completely covered in everything – it was like The Great British Bake Off meets Apocalypse Now! 

“It was so much fun to make, but despite several spins in the washing machine I still can‘t get that sweet sickly smell out of my jeans!”

Godsticks have a handful of UK dates planned which will take place in April.

Godsticks: Inescapable
Godsticks return with Inescapable - the follow-up to 2017 album Faced With Rage. It'll launch in February and feature the lead single Denigrate which features Tesseract's Dan Tompkins.View Deal

Godsticks: Inescapable
1. Denigrate
2. Victim
3. Relief
4. Surrender
5. Numb 
6. Change
7. Breathe
8. Time
9. Resist

Godsticks 2020 UK tour
Apr 02: Cardiff Fuel Rock Club
Apr 03: London Black Heart
Apr 04: Manchester Gullivers
Apr 05: Edinburgh Opium