Glass Hammer release video for The Dreaming City

Glass Hammer
(Image credit: Glass Hammer)

US prog rockers Glass Hamer have released a video for their new sing The Dreaming City. The track is taken from the band's forthcoming new album Dreaming City which will be released on April 16. You can watch the video in full below.

Dreaming City is a concept album sees lyricist, bassist and co-producer Steve Babb delving into the world of sword and Sorcery with his writing, introducing the prog world to the thief-turned-swordsman, Skallagrim.

"He’s a desperate character”, Babb tells Prog. “An anti-hero in the mold of Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melnibone, Highlander’s Connor MacLeod or even Don Quixote in so much as he is completely unqualified for the destiny that’s been foisted on him. He needs something greater than himself to come along and help or he doesn’t stand a chance.”

"Dreaming City is the album, The Dreaming City is track number one," he explains. "It’s a really heavy song, just a bit riffier than the space rock sound I was originally shooting for, but it also has this central prog-jam section that Fred Schendel added to my original demo.

“But be warned... Don’t let the sound of this track mislead you. The album unfolds after this song and you will hear a lot of variety in style and vocal approach. This song is just the vehicle by which we get the whole thing moving. You’re in for a lot of surprises with Dreaming City.”

Pre-order Dreaming City here.

Jerry Ewing

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