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Get involved with Hammerfest's Black Friday deal

As our American readers are no doubt aware, Black Friday is one of the greatest days of the year. Loads of goodies are massively slashed in price and you can get your hands on everything for the shrapnel in your pocket (this is an exaggeration). But you can now get a Hammerfest 2015 ticket for as little as £72.50!

There are only 50 rooms left so we’re shifting them in style by giving them away for just £500 for the three days! It doesn’t matter if there’s four, five, six, seven or even eight of you – the price remains the same (so you might as well bring your mates along too!).

So for just a £50 deposit, plus booking fees, you can bag your spot at Hammerfest for as little as £72.50. That’s bloody cheap for three days, isn’t it? BUT THE OFFER ONLY LASTS 24 HOURS!

Get your hands on tickets over here now.

Luke Morton