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Get 42% off the new Amazon Echo Dot as Black Friday deals continue

Echo Dot
(Image credit: Amazon)

The Amazon Echo Dot (yeah, that thing we all call 'Alexa') is on its fourth generation this year and a staple of households everywhere. Black Friday/Cyber Monday has become a great time to pick up bargains on all Amazon devices and the Echo Dot is no different.

It might not be among the loudest bluetooth speakers – and if you just want a great bluetooth speaker deal and not a personal assistant, there are plenty of deals still to be had – but this year's deal sees 42% off the company's most popular smart speaker. 

The 2020 version has a cool new-look (dome-like where it was cylindrical) and all of the features you'd expect. Below are the latest prices at various retailers, so you can be assured you're getting the best value for money.

Should I get an Amazon Echo Dot 2020 (4th Gen)?

Yes: if you want to extend Alexa's reach inside your house
If you already own one Alexa speaker in your house and just need a second to extend Alexa's earshot, the Echo Dot is pretty great. Setup is simple when you already have the Alexa app downloaded and two synced devices work seamlessly.

Yes: If you want to transform an older speaker into a smart speaker
If you have an older speaker that's aching for an 21st-Century  upgrade, definitely consider buying the Amazon Echo Dot and connecting it to the speaker with a 3.5mm audio cable. That way, you get Alexa's smarts with the sound quality of a time-tested speaker.

Yes, if it's on sale
Just like the larger Amazon Echo (2020), the best day to pick up any Amazon device is during  Amazon Prime Day event, Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

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42% OFF!

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen): was £48.99, now £28.99 (opens in new tab)
Decent audio, voice-controlled features, access to the news, podcasts, Spotify/Amazon Music/Apple Music and the baility to link to other Echo Dots and Amazon devices. It's a handy little assistant for less than £30. 

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