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Deftones are celebrating White Pony's 20th anniversary with a brand new beer

(Image credit: Belching Beaver/Deftones)

Deftones have collaborated once again with the Belching Beaver Brewery for a brand new beer.

Chino Moreno and co. previously hooked up with the San Diego company for their Phantom Bride beer in 2016 and again in 2017 for the Swerve City IPA.

Now the pair have come together again – this time to create the White Pony Double Dry Hopped IPA in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Deftones’ third studio album.

Deftones say: “Our White Pony 20th anniversary celebration continues with another Deftones x Belching Beaver collaboration. The White Pony Double Dry Hopped IPA will be released on August 28 for a limited time.”

Belching Beaver add: “We’ve made you wait long enough! Our next collaboration with Deftones is coming August 28 –  White Pony Double Dry Hopped IPA. 

“Honouring the 20th anniversary of this iconic album, we felt the best way to celebrate is with a beer loaded with flavour. There is an upfront flavour of pineapple, but finishes with a soft grapefruit note with a mild bitterness and medium mouthfeel.”

Back in June, it was confirmed that White Pony will be reissued later this later alongside a DJ Shadow remix of the album titled Black Stallion.

Announcing the news, Moreno said: “We had that idea pretty much 20 years ago. I think even before we started recording White Pony, we had the idea to remix it, so this is something we always kind of joked about and now it’s actually coming to life.”

Deftones will also release their new studio album Ohms on September 25 through Warner Records.

(Image credit: Deftones/Belching Beaver)

Deftones: Ohms
Deftones are back with their highly anticipated new album Ohms. It'll be Chino Moreno and co's first record since 2016's Gore and it features the blistering title track.View Deal

(Image credit: Warners)

Deftones: Ohms
1. Genesis
2. Ceremony
3. Urantia
4. Errorr
5. The Spell Of Mathematics
6. Pompeji
7. This Link Is Dead
8. Radiant City
9. Headless
10. Ohms