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The best home brew kits 2021: Create your own beer or cider just in time for summer

The best home brew kits 2021: Create your own beer or cider just in time for the summer
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The days are getting longer and the weather – despite a few twists and turns – is definitely getting better and all thoughts are now focused on summer and enjoying more time outdoors. Many of us will be visiting family and friends in gardens as the days heat up, but rather than take a few cans round, why not invest in the some of best home brew kits instead and share that instead? It’ll definitely be a talking point and you might even surprise yourself with how good the results can be.

If the thought of home-brew fills you with fear and conjures images of massive containers bubbling away in the cupboard, then fear not, as things have moved on when it comes to creating your very own concoctions.

We’ve come up with a list of the best homebrew kits available right now just in time for summer. You’ll find our picks below along with information about exactly what you need to know before pouring a perfect pint.

Go on. Treat yourself!

The best home brew kits: The Louder Choice

Best home brew kits: BrewArt BeerDroid black

(Image credit: BrewArt)

While there are many options out there, our favourite beer-making solution is the Brewart BeerDroid. This futuristic-looking bit of kit is largely automatic, but produces a fantastic drop or two of ale or lager. And thanks to the brilliant BrewArt app for your phone, it’s easy to customise your recipes and keep tabs on your favourite brew.

It’s hard to choose between the non-electronic kits featured here, but the Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit just edges it due to the excellent range of modern craft ale recipes on offer, not to mention the reusability of its equipment. The kits are competitively priced, too – which is more than you can say for some pub beers…

The best home brew kits: Product Guide

The best home brew kits to buy right now

Best home brew kits: Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

(Image credit: Brooklyn Brewshop)

1. Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

An affordable kit with reusable equipment

Makes: 40 pints | Type of beer: Various | Comes with: Ingredients and equipment (you’ll need to supply a large cooking pot and a sieve)

Comes in various modern craft ale recipes
 Equipment is reusable
Craft beer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

The canny folk at New York’s Brooklyn Brew Shop have taken full advantage of the craft beer craze by offering a range of these deliciously flavoursome ales as DIY kits.

Whether your favourite tipple is Brewdog’s Elvis Juice, Evil Twin’s Bikini Beer or Stillwater’s Gose Gone Wild, these simple set-ups contain almost everything you need to make a gallon of the stuff - including all-grain mix, a thermometer and a glass fermentation jug.

What’s more, all the hardware is reusable, meaning that once you’ve drained your drum dry, you’ll need only to buy some more mix and no-rinse sanitiser before you’re ready to go again.

Best home brew kits: Muntons Gold imperial Stout Beer Kit

(Image credit: Muntons)

2. Muntons Gold Imperial Stout Beer Kit

Muntons offer some of the very best home brew kits - and this stout is right up there

Makes: 40 pints | Type of beer: Stout | Comes with:

Delivers a cracking stout
Makes 40 pints
It's not very hands-on

Muntons have built a reputation for delivering some of the best home brew kits for simple beer making. Known primarily for their Dark Ale, Session IPA, Pale Ale and Golden Ale, their imperial stout kit is another knockout from the Suffolk-based company. 

This lip-smacking kit will give you 40 pints-worth of creamy stout at 4.5% ABV – perfect to see you through the long winter months.

Best home brew kits: 32 Pint Homebrew Beer Making Starter Kit

(Image credit: Bigger Jugs)

3. 32 Pint Homebrew Beer Making Starter Kit

A great way to dip your toes into the world of homebrew

Makes: 32 pints | Type of beer: IPA | Comes with: Everything you need to get startewd

Great for beginners
32 pints of IPA await
Might seem a little complex for beginners

If you’ve been mulling over the idea of getting into home brewing but have yet to take a plunge into a pool of the amber nectar, then this starter kit might be just what you’ve been waiting for. 

This handy bit of kit might look intimidating at first, but put everything together and you’ll soon have 32 pints of St Peters IPA at a tasty 5.5% ABV to tickle your tastebuds. Everything you need to get started is right here and it’s a great gift some someone looking to take their first steps into the world of home brew. And with summer right around the corner, this is also a fun project to delve into.

Best home brew kits: Craft A Brew Oktoberfest Ale Beer Brewing Kit

(Image credit: Craft A Brew)

4. Craft A Brew Oktoberfest Ale Beer Brewing Kit

One of the best home brew kits for flavour

Makes: 8 pints | Type of beer: Malty red | Comes with: Everything you need

The beer it makes goes down a treat
It comes with a craft beer brewing guide
It only makes eight pints
It's expensive

This year's Oktoberfest in Munich has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, but you can bring the spirit of this boozy extravaganza into your home by purchasing the Oktoberfest Ale Beer Brewing Kit from Florida-based Craft A Brew.

The kit contains everything you need to make eight pints of this full-bodied, caramel-sweet red ale – including glass carboy, funnel, rubber stopper, thermometer and recipe kit. There's even a guide to general craft beer brewing.

And if you enjoy the results (we're sure you will!), there are numerous other similar kits to try from Craft A Brew, from stouts to IPAs, Belgian abbey beers to ciders. Who needs to go to the pub?

Best home brew kits: Simply Export Stout

(Image credit: Simply)

5. Simply Export Stout

Ditch the lagers and IPAs and make a move to the dark side

Makes: 40 pints | Type of beer: Stout | Comes with: Malt extract kit, brewery strain yeast

40 pints of roasty stout
Good quality
You only have to add your own sugar

While there’s nothing quite like a cold and refreshing IPA, lager or DIPA on a warm summer’s day, here at Louder, many of us are big fans of stouts, imperial stouts and porters. And if you fancy trying your hand at at making some of the dark stuff, then this pack from the team at Simply is worth a closer look.

The Simply Export Stout package will create 40 pints of the black stuff, with Simply loading the kit with full instructions, a bag of malt extract and a sachet of brewing yeast. All you have to add is 1Kg of brewing sugar or beer kit enhancer and you’re away. This allows you to experiment with different types of sugar to suit you palate.

Best home brew kits: Cider Making Starter Kit

(Image credit: Bigger Jugs)

6. Cider Making Starter Kit

Sparking cider in the summer sun... is there anything better?

Makes: 40 pints | Type of drink: Cider | Comes with: Everything you need

Perfect for the summer
Makes 40 pints of cider
Contains everything you need
Can be reused for cider, beer and lager

Cider always makes a great alternative to beer, and let’s face it, can you even have a summer without quenching your thirst with an ice cold pint of sparkling cider? 

This cracking bit of kit from the team at Bigger Jugs has everything you need to make a delightful drop of the apple-y stuff and is a great gateway into home-made cider for those just beginning their journey. All you’ll need are some bottles to store the end result in and water. That’s it. 

One of the things we particularly like about this starer kit is that it can be reused to create more cider, beer, or lager by purchasing the company’s many concentrate kits, giving you even more reason to pick this up.

Best home brew kits: Woodforde’s Real Ale Kit Nelson’s Revenge

(Image credit: Woodford's)

7. Woodforde’s Real Ale Kit: Nelson’s Revenge

Brew award-winning beer on a budget

Makes: 36 pints | Type of beer: Norfolk bitter | Comes with: Ingredients only

36 pints for under 20 quid is a no-brainer
From an award-winning  brewery
Makes a tad less than some other kits
You’ll have to provide your own equipment

Admiral Nelson wasn’t just a great sea captain, he’s also got a rather tasty ale named after him! A good choice for those who don’t like craft beer, Nelson’s Revenge (5 percent volume) is a more traditional bitter made with sweet Norfolk malts and citrus hops. 

This kit provides the ingredients you need to rustle up 36 pints of the stuff – you don’t get any equipment but if you already have some at home, this sub-£20 product represents great value.

In case you need any more convincing to invest in this home brew kit, Woodforde’s is a winner of CAMRA’s Supreme Champion Beer of Britain award (the winning ale, Wherry, is also available as a home brew kit). 

Best home brew kits: Bulldog Brews Evil Dog Double IPA Craft Beer Kit

(Image credit: Bulldog Brews)

8. Bulldog Brews Evil Dog Double IPA Kit

The best home brew kit for strong beer

Makes: 40 pints | Type of beer: American-style IPA | Comes with: Ingredients only

Brewery-quality ingredients
Aromas of pine and grapefruit
 Brewing gear has to be bought separately
High strength might put some people off

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to get the party started, it’s having 23 litres (just over 40 pints) of double-strength craft beer at your disposal.

Bulldog Brews’ kit doesn’t come with any equipment – you’ll have to provide that yourself – but it does offer “unprecedented amounts” of malt extract, brewery-strain yeast, and Simcoe and Summit hops, enabling you to keep the pine and grapefruit-infused American IPA flowing all night long.

Be careful, though - neck too much of this smooth 7.1 percent brew and you might end up looking as rough as that hound on the front of the box.

Best home brew kits: Klarstein Mundschenk Mash Tun Beer Brewing Set

(Image credit: Klarstein)

9. Klarstein Mundschenk Mash Tun Beer Brewing Set

One of the best home brew kits for showing off

Makes: 53 pints (approx) | Type of beer: Various | Comes with: Equipment only

It's a real show-stopper
High-quality stainless steel construction
It comes with a hefty price tag
It may not be ideal for smaller homes

The Germans know a thing or two about brewing beer, so you'll be in good hands with this Berlin-manufactured mash kettle. But as you'd expect from such an eye-catching piece of equipment, the Mundschenk Mash Tun Beer Brewing Set commands a fairly premium price.

For your money, you'll get a high-quality stainless steel machine that enables beginners or experts to make the beer of their choice with relative ease. Both manual and automatic options are available, depending on how much time and inclination you have.

What's more, the fact that the kettle and its accessories are all made of stainless steel means that your finished beer won't taste of metal. They'll also be easy to clean – ready for you to start the process all over again.

Best home brew kits: Northern Brewer Deluxe Home Brew Starter Kit

(Image credit: Northern Brewer)

10. Northern Brewer Deluxe Home Brew Starter Kit

One of the best home brew kits for beer aficionados

Makes: 40 pints | Type of beer: Various | Comes with: Ingredients and equipment (you’ll need to supply a four to five-gallon kettle)

Excellent online support
Equipment is of very high quality
Only four recipe choices
One of the more expensive home brew kits

According to Northern Brewer, this is “the best-selling beer starter kit in history”. And, while we aren’t able to back up that particular claim, we can certainly vouch for the kit’s beery brilliance.

Designed by brewers for brewers, this comprehensive package contains a veritable laboratory of high-quality equipment, including an auto siphon, a blow-off hose and two full-size glass carboys (that’s fermentors to us novices).  

Equally impressive is the range of beers you can choose from. With easy-to-follow kits for making Fresh Squished IPA, Irish Red Ale, Caribou Slobber Brown Ale or Bavarian Hefeweizen, your gaff is going to become very popular.

(Image credit: Balliihoo)

11. Balliihoo Basic Homebrew Starter Equipment Kit

One of the best home brew kits for build quality

Makes: 40 pints | Type of beer: Various | Comes with: All the necessary equipment, but no ingredients

The robust equipment can be used again and again
Great customer service
Other kits are more aesthetically pleasing
You don't get any ingredients

From its base in Somerset, Balliihoo manufacturers kits for making beer, cider, wine and even jam. And the company must be doing something right, as its Basic Homebrew Starter Equipment Kit is hugely popular on Amazon.

There are more attractive beer making kits on the market, but what it lacks in glamour, this home brewing solution more than makes up for in quality. All of the equipment that comes with it – including a fermentation bucket – is made from robust plastic that won't perish after a few months.

To spare you the disappointment when you receive the kit, we'd best warn you that it doesn't come with any ingredients. However, with a spectrum of tasty choices on the Balliihoo website, you'll soon be brewing with glee.

Best home brew kits: BrewArt BeerDroid on white

(Image credit: BrewArt)

12. BrewArt BeerDroid

The best home brew kit that’s controlled by an app

Makes: 10 litres (around 18 pints) | Type of beer: Various | Comes with: Ingredients and equipment

Looks as good as the beer tastes
Pour beer straight from a tap on the keg 
The kids might mistake it for a coffee maker

The awesomely named BeerDroid is a fully automated, Wi-Fi-connected, temperature controlled brewing machine. Via the iOS/Android BrewArt app you can monitor your home brew from wherever you are in the world.

You'll also receive notifications alerting you to brewing milestones, and this smart home brew kit even lets you know when it’s ready for the keg.

The BeerDroid comes complete with the American Pale Ale BrewPrint, formulated by master brewers and composed of all natural ingredients. Each BrewPrint has its own unique brewing profile, which is automatically downloaded to the BeerDroid when starting your brew with the app. Opt for preset lager and ale brewing programs, or go for a custom option to fine-tune your tipple.

As well as serving up delicious beer, the BeerDroid is one of the best-looking home brew solutions on the market. That’s a good enough excuse to pour another pint, right?

Best home brew kits: PicoBrew Pico C

(Image credit: PicoBrew)

13. PicoBrew Pico C

Meet the Nespresso of the beer brewing world...

Makes: Each PicoPak creates around 10 pints | Type of beer: Various | Comes with: Equipment only

Takes the effort out of home brewing
Comes with a sous vide cooker!
You’ll miss out on some of the DIY fun
Takes up space on your kitchen worktop

You’ve heard of pod-based coffee machines – well, here’s the beer equivalent. Perfect for people who can’t be bothered to labour over a stinking vat in the garage, the PicoBrew Pico C is a nifty kitchen-top appliance that does all the work for you.

Simply bung in a ‘PicoPak’ – these grain-and-hop formulas come in a variety of flavours, from breweries all over the world – choose your bitterness and strength, and hit the Brew button.

OK, so the Pico isn’t as instant as a coffee machine – after two hours, you’ll need to add your yeast, and then you’ll have to wait another couple of weeks before you can sample your five-litre harvest. But at least you can monitor its progress on your smart device, which should help to bide the time before the beer starts flowing. 

The best home brew kits: Buying Advice

If you’re thinking of buying a home brew kit or appliance, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. The first of those is how much effort you’re prepared to put in and how confident you are in your ability to produce a palatable pint. 

None of the latest beer-making products are what you’d call complicated, but whereas with some kits you’ll have to stir and mash the ingredients, chill the wort, etc, others – such as the PicoBrew Pico C ‘automatic’ brewing machine – require you to do little more than insert a cartridge and wait (with this one, you can even monitor its progress on your smartphone, via an app).

Obviously, you’ll need to consider what kind of beer you want to make. Happily, the days of having to choose between one or two unidentified real ales are long gone, and you can now pick from a vast array of drink types – from refreshing saisons to authentic German goses – with many world-renowned breweries represented.

Fancy rustling up some of that Brewdog Elvis Juice you tried at the pub? The Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit has you covered. Want something a little stronger? Bulldog Brews Evil Dog Double IPA Craft Beer Kit will deliver the goods. 

Other things to think about when selecting the best home brew kit for you is how much beer it makes – 40 pints is a common figure, but this can fluctuate – and how long it takes to yield its results. Both of these concerns take on extra importance if you’re thinking of hosting a party. 

And don’t forget to check what the kit comes with, as many products contain the ingredients but none of the equipment, which would obviously be an added expense.