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Corrosion Of Conformity album on way

Corrosion Of Conformity will release latest album IX in June, the band have confirmed.

The 11-track title was produced by long-time collaborator John Custer, and it’ll be headed up with the launch of lead single On Your Way next month.

COC frontman Mike Dean says: “The making of IX was drawn out because of us having to step away to do other projects.

“I think being forced to step away kept us hungry. Then, being back on the case with deadlines casting a shadow gave us a ‘failure is no option’ vibe. That really helped the final product.”

IX appears on June 23 via Candlelight Records.


  1. Brand New Sleep 2. Elphyn 3. Denmark Vesey 4. The Nectar 5. Interlude 6. On Your Way 7. Trucker 8. The Hanged Man 9. Tarquinius Superbus 10. Who You Need To Blame 11. The Nectar Revised

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