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Charlie Barnes unveils live acoustic video

Charlie Barnes has released a live video for his latest album’s title track More Stately Mansions.

In addition to the song’s official music video, which was released in October, the team filmed a live acoustic clip of the song in an old church while they were shooting the video for the record’s first single Sing to God in March.

The multi-instrumentalist from Leeds, who is a touring member with indie-rock band Bastille, also launched a reworked version of single Easy, Kid in October to coincide with his UK and Euro solo tour.

He says: “This has been an absolutely crazy year for me. I’ve learned in 2015 that you really can’t plan your life all that much. We shot the promo video for Sing To God back in February in a beautiful former church in Leeds, and decided while we were there to quickly throw some mics up and record an acoustic version of the song More Stately Mansions.

“We couldn’t really find the right time to put the video out during the last six odd months, so we decided it would be an ideal little way to round off this absolutely bat-shit-mental year of my musical life.”

He adds: “ I’m going to put my headphones back in now and get to work on the next album.”

More Stately Mansions is out now via InsideOut.

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