Cartoon Jonathan Davis in Sunflower Dead video

Sunflower Dead have introduced an animated Jonathan Davis for their It’s Time To Get Weird video.

It was announced in August that the Korn frontman would guest on the title track for their second album, which was out on October 30.

The Long Island Rockers supported Korn on their 20th anniversary shows in the UK last year, which led them the two bands to become friends.

Vocalist Michael Del Pizzo says he masterminded the concept for the It’s Time To Get Weird music video based around Davis’ past as a funeral home embalmer and coroner’s assistant.

He says: “For this one, I took the reins by writing the video treatment. We repeatedly heard that Sunflower Dead needs to be animated.

“What better way to do that than with a Scooby Doo-inspired video for our new album’s title track featuring one of heavy music’s most unique frontmen, Jonathan Davis? My idea was combining the SFD story line with Jonathan’s past experience working with dead bodies.

“Boom, a match made in heaven brought to life by the amazing animators at Smorgasbord Productions. This is my favorite SFD video by far.”

Meanwhile, Korn are eyeing this autumn for the release of their 12th album – which they hint will be more “technical” and “guitar-focused” than their previous material.

The nu-metal band are also headlining this year’s Download festival.

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