Between The Buried And Me release new video for The Future Is Behind Us

Between The Buried And Me
(Image credit: Between The Buried And Me)

US prog metal quintet Between The Buried And Me have released a video for brand new track The Future Is Behind Us, which you can watch to below.

The Future Is Behind Us is the opening tack from the band's latest album Colors II which has been released through Sumerian Records. The album is a follow-up to 2007's Colors.

"Colors II's opening track is an invitation for the listener to interpret the album, or rather the entirety of BTBAM's work, however they see fit," video director Erez Bader says. "As a long time fan (half my arm is tattooed with Parallax II's artwork) I've always interpreted the first Colors to be about the fading of creativity and originality in our world, and the message that your legacy is defined by the things you've created during your lifetime. It's both a pessimistic view that the world is going to shit, while also being a rallying cry for budding artists to overcome hardships and remind themselves why their work is important.

"The song White Walls closes out the first Colors album, representing both the death of the colors now faded, yet the blank canvas they left behind - an invitation to start anew. This is where my music video for The Future Is Behind Us begins. While the band's mind-blowing performance is front and centre, the subtle narrative begins within these quite literal white walls, which in this video I think of as a sort-of temple. The "sculpture-people" as I call them (who represent the first album), congregate at this towering, abstract painting within the white walls; a holy conduit they've sought to undergo a long-awaited dark ritual. Tommy floats past the world, carrying this growing darkness as it blooms around him in the wilderness and is brought into our cities, eventually culminating in the dark sludge that entirely consumes the white walls themselves. Within the darkness, the sculptures birth a child - a creation of their own, and it's released into our world."

Between The Buried And Me have previously released a video for Fix The Error.

Get Colors II.

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