Beer Hawk celebrate Black Friday with money off PerfectDraft machines and multi-buy keg discounts

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We all love beer but, blooming heck, it's getting expensive, isn't it! That's why it makes perfect sense to grab a boozy bargain when it presents itself. And, as it happens, we have one to tell you about right now. To celebrate Black Friday, those generous folk at Beer Hawk have slashed the price of their PerfectDraft bundles by up to £140

And as if that wasn't enough reason to celebrate, Beer Hawk are also offering 15% off when you buy three PerfectDraft kegs - and there's plenty to choose from, with a total of 15 different kegs included in the offer.

Beer Hawk: Up to £140 off PerfectDraft machines

Beer Hawk: Up to £140 off PerfectDraft machines
Sales of the PerfectDraft machine went into overdrive during lockdown when none of us could get to the pub to enjoy a cold beer or cider. Thankfully, they're easier to get hold of now and even better, Beer Hawk are offering discounts on the machines AND multi-buy keg purchases for Black Friday.

If you're wondering what the hell we're talking about, allow us to explain. PerfectDraft is a stylish, counter-top appliance that can chill six-litre kegs of beer down to three degrees C – which, according to experts, is the optimum temperature for drinking. Not only that, the machine will also ensure that your beer stays fresh and carbonated for 30 days, meaning you can pour perfect pints for a whole month. 

In addition to the standard PerfectDraft machine, there's the PerfectDraft Pro, which is similarly awesome but includes advanced features such as variable temperature control, app connectivity and faster cooling.

Of course, you'll need something to actually pour, and luckily Beer Hawk has taken care of that. The retailer offers more than 50 kegged beers and ciders on their website from all over the world, including craft favourites such as Camden Hells and BrewDog Punk IPA, pub classics like Beck's and Stella Artois, plus a whole range of lesser-known (but no less delicious) brews. Bought on their own, these six-litre kegs range in price from £29.56 to £47.90 – which isn't bad at all when you consider that six litres equates to more than 12 pints. 

If you're starting out on your PerfectDraft journey, though, you might want to consider a PerfectDraft bundle, where you'll get the PerfectDraft or PerfectDraft Pro machine, a keg of beer and two glasses bearing the name of your chosen ale (note that some bundles consist of just the machine and the glasses). Going for this option will enable you to benefit from BeerHawk's Black Friday offer. 

The maximum £140 discount applies to bundles containing the PerfectDraft Pro machine. So, let's say you're a fan of craft ale – you could pick up the PerfectDraft Pro Camden Hells Starter Bundle for £280.90, which is significantly less than the RRP of £420.90. And there are other reductions on bundles including the PerfectDraft Stella Artois Starter Bundle, which has been cut by £70, meaning you can now get it for £238.90 instead of £308.90.

It's also worth pointing out that Beer Hawk also offer a brilliant keg return service. For every keg you send back, you'll be credited with Beer Tokens which can be used to get money off future purchases. 

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