Acolyte release powerful video for new single Resentment

(Image credit: Acolyte)

Melbourne-based prog rock quintet Acolyte have released a video for their new  single Resentment. It's taken from their upcoming album Entropy, which will be released through Wild Thing Records on May 14.

"Lyrically, I found myself inspired by the way my mind could hold on to even the smallest of passing comments and gestures, negative and positive, letting them become all encompassing, compartmentalised over and over, ever evolving in what felt like eternity, until they no longer resembled their original context or form," singer Morgan-Leigh Brown relates.

"As we recorded the Entropy record, I was right in the midst of battling a nasty case of Chronic Fatigue (CFS). I would attend the studio for a full day to lay down vocals and then come home and pass out for often days at a time. The pattern can be quite isolating and lonely. When you are that alone for such an extended period of time, the mind can work in incredible ways, both positively and negatively.

"Resentment was born from the anger I felt in this situation, the anger towards those around me for not fully understanding, anger towards those who took to trying to tear me down at my most vulnerable & anger mostly towards myself for letting any of it bother me. Resolved by holding on to one singular, clear, constructive thought that stopped the spiral and grounded me. Every situation experienced in life defines you and makes you so much stronger and  resilient, especially in lessons learnt moving through the dark. In this moment it can be the difference between true insanity & keeping yourself whole, making Resentment in my opinion one of the most important journeys on the record."

Acolyte have previously released a video for the album title track Entropy and Clarity.

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