Vote for your favourite album of 2015


As the temperature drops and thoughts turn toward Christmas, Classic Rock puts in the call to its staff and writers and asks them to pick their ten favourite albums of the year. The votes are collected, manhandled into a spreadsheet, tallied up, and printed in the end-of-year edition.

This year was no different. The votes arrived, we compiled the list, and everyone argued that how different it would be the whole process wasn’t so goddamn democratic.

So we’d like you to tell us how wrong we are, and vote for your album of the year. We’ve restricted the list to our shortlist of 50 (over 1000 albums are released every week, so we’re not obviously not listing all of them).

And then we’ll put the votes in another spreadsheet, total up the votes, and make a new list. Just choose a single album from the list below.

2015 - 50 Best Albums Of The Year