Evil Reborn, Lucifer's Hammer and Nocturnal Hollow – album reviews

Evil Reborn album cover

Evil Reborn – Throne Of Insanity

Hulking death metal from Venezuela replete with both old-school atmosphere and a bagful of sharpened hooks. The likes of Possessed Angels are played with fiendish intent and infectious enthusiasm. [6] AR

Lucifer’s Hammer – Beyond The Omens

These Chileans play classic, twin lead-driven heavy metal with an enthusiasm that’s infectious – but also with an over-spacious, runaway production that suggests high altitude played its part. [6] JS

Nocturnal Hollow – Deathless And Fleshless

These Venezuelans sound like Swedish devotees with their HM-2 pedal in full force but with a tighter, more US-derived feeling. [6] OB