Wolverine stream Our Last Goodbye


Wolverine have released a stream of their track Our Last Goodbye.

It features on their upcoming album Machina Viva, which is due out on July 8. It’ll be their first release with label Laser’s Edge/Sensory.

Singer Stefan Zell tells Revolver: “It’s one of my favourite Wolverine songs to date. I just loved the music the guys came up with. When it was time for me to write the lyrics I was in the middle of divorcing the mother of my children whom I had lived together with for almost 13 years. It was quite natural that this song dealt with all of that stuff.

“I’m not emotionally in the same place today as I was back when the lyrics was written during the first half of 2014 – but it’s nice to have this song to look back upon and remember the emotions I was going through then.”

The music came together while members of the band were jamming together – but bassist Thomas Jansson said he initially didn’t like parts of the song.

He continues: “In the end however, I think it came out really well, and the French horn you hear in different parts of the song adds such a grey, gloomy and powerful character. I just love the melancholy it brings to the song.”

Earlier this month, the band released a lyric video for album track Machina.

Wolverine Machina Viva tracklist

  1. The Bedlam Overture
  2. Machina
  3. Pile Of Ash (ES335 version)
  4. Our Last Goodbye
  5. Pledge
  6. When The Night Comes
  7. Nemesis
  8. Sheds
  9. Pile Of Ash (cello version)