Watch Yungblud and Willow have a heated lovers' quarrel in Memories video

Yungblud and Willow
(Image credit: Yungblud)

Yungblud and Willow have shared the music video for their new collaborative track, Memories.

The song sees the pair – who seem to be engaged in a relationship within the video –transitioning through a range of emotions; from lustful, hormone-frazzled adoration to explosive, glass-smashing rage. Meanwhile, a beatific, celebratory melody plays out behind them– and the chorus is highly addictive too.

Throughout the video, Yungblud and Willow explore their memories together on a graffiti-scrawled tube, their apartment and a bed, all while dressed to the nines. Honestly, it's a feast for the senses.

Yungblud, aka Dom Harrison says, “This song is about letting go of past traumas you may have experienced and voicing them to the world.

"There’s something freeing about turning painful memories from your past into lessons for your future - I want people to scream this song out and it be cathartic. It’s about coming together and shedding pain, turning it into positive energy and sharing the burden with each other.”

Memories follows on from Yungblud's recently-released, The Funeral, which features Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne star in the music video.

Watch Memories below:

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