Watch Toundra's brooding video for El Odio Part III

Toundra group shot 2021
(Image credit: Daniel Cruz)

Toundra continue the story of El Odio with the third and final video for their epic piece - watch it below. The El Odio short film will be premiered on January 10 and the full, 22-minute-long instrumental is taken from their current album, Hex, which is out on January 14 via InsideOut.

The brooding clip finds them once more collaborating with Asturian director Jorge Carbajales. Hex is the band's first album of new material since 2018's Vortex and follows on from their audio adaptation of Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari.

“Writing each new Toundra album means doing a job to find each other as a band," they say. "From our most innocent early days we have been self-righteous enough to take every step that we have taken as a band too seriously maybe. Every time we think about writing new albums we even suffer for it. This album means a job in which the four of us have rediscovered what we wanted to do without really knowing how we did it. 

"The ideas were coming up in a chaotic way during the first months until little by little we saw how everything was being arranged in various notebooks and on the blackboard of our premises. Finally, the extreme cruelty that we can see around us (closer and closer) served as a catalyst to be able to give order to a lot of ideas, songs and, ultimately, to this new album. We are looking forward to finally presenting it to the fans now."

HEX Tracklisting:

1. El Odio. Parte I
2. El Odio. Parte II
3. El Odio. Parte III
4. Ruinas
5. La Larga Marcha
6. Watt
7. FIN


(Image credit: InsideOut Music)