Watch the new video for Jo Beth Young’s Verticality

Talitha Rise on a beach
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Experimental prog-folk artist Jo Beth Young has released a new video for Verticality. The spontaneous track was recorded live at the Avalon Hall in Glastonbury during sessions for her RISE album, Strangers. It includes lyrics by the poet Shiu, which are now part of the poetry collection Shivers.

The artist, previously known as Talitha Rise and RISE, says: “[Scottish Violinist] Helen Ross and I were jamming after we had finished recording her parts on Strangers. There was an old piano in the corner of the hall we had booked with a few keys either missing or not working. We improvised a tune and Shiu, who was listening, wrote these words as a response. We later decided to improvise again and this time leave a mic in the middle of the room. I then sang the lyrics over the top in one take, again just following the flow of the song. It really was a moment of total magic!

“I had not thought of releasing it as a single, you can hear a few sounds in the room such as the fire crackle and the floorboards, but my backstage group and mailing list supporters really loved it and encouraged me to do so.”

Jo Beth has described her decision to revert back to using her real name as “a moment of liberation”. She is currently working on a number of projects, including a new studio album with former Fields Of The Nephilim and The Eden House guitarist Peter Yates, and bassist Jules Bangs.

Watch the video for Verticality below.

Jo Beth single cover for Verticality

(Image credit: Wise Queen Records)