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Wardruna release video for brand new single Lyfjaberg

Wardruna press shot
(Image credit: Wardruna)

Norwegian progressive folk outfit Warduna have released a video for their brand new single Lyfjaberg. The band took the decision to delay the release of their upcoming album Kvitravn earlier this year, but have still been busy creating new music.

The video for Lyfjaberg was mainly filmed in the mountains at Tustna in Norway. The band shot the video in early May, when all of a sudden winter decided to return with full strength and they ended up wading in half a metre of snow for three days and nights.

The Old Norse word Lyfjaberg means Healing-hill or Healing-mountain and is known from Norse mythology and the Eddic poem Fjölsvinnsmál as a place of comfort and cure for the 'sick and sore' who manage to climb the mountain and bear offerings at the shrines there - a gift demands a gift in return.

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(Image credit: Rarely Unable)