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The Tangent share video for their new single The Tower Of Babel

The Tangent have released a video for their new single The Tower Of Babel.

It’s the latest material taken from the band’s upcoming studio album Auto Reconnaissance which will launch on August 21 via InsideOut Music. The Tangent previously premiered the track Life On Hold.

The band’s Andy Tillison says: “The Tower Of Babel is a new field of work for The Tangent – a real attempt to do the kind of highly complex popular song that Steely Dan excelled at. 

“It seeks to appeal at as many levels as possible whether for the subtle chord structures, instrumental solos or for the catchiness of the choruses. It’s probably the first time the band ever wrote something with a specific view to it being a ‘single’ release.

“In the end, the four minute song took longer to write than either of the two epics that it shares the album with.

“The song is a humorously cynical look into the way technology has helped bureaucracy become even more invasive in our lives, from tick-the-box job application forms – to directed advertising via phone calls which tell you to 'use the website instead.'"

Speaking previously about the album, Tillison said: "I utterly refuse to accept that progressive rock music is some kind of museum piece. It is actually a living and breathing movement that has a past, a present and above all, a future. 

"It once had an album-chart-topping golden age, but the genre was never about that. It has subtly and virally kept itself alive for decades where many new musical genres have risen to glory and faded away."

Auto Reconnaissance will be released on limited edition CD Digipak featuring the bonus track Proxima, gatefold 2LP/CD with booklet, and on digital and streaming platforms.

The Tangent: Auto Reconnaissance
The Tangent will release Auto Reconnaissance in August through InsideOut Music. The follow-up to 2018's Proxy will include the lead tracks Life On Hold and The Tower Of Babel.View Deal

The Tangent: Auto Reconnaissance
1. Life On Hold
2. Jinxed In Jersey
3. Under Your Spell
4. The Tower Of Babel
5. Lie Back & Think Of England
6. The Midas Touch
7. Proxima (Bonus track)