The Neal Morse Band share video for The Great Adventure

(Image credit: Robert Smith)

The Neal Morse Band have released a video for their new song The Great Adventure.

It’s the title track from the band’s upcoming album, which is set to arrive on January 25 via Radiant Records/Metal Blade and follows Welcome To The World which was premiered by Prog earlier this month.

Speaking about the new single, drummer Mike Portnoy tells Pop Matters: “It’s a great example of the more classic and proggy side of the band.”

Portnoy says that the video “was a blast to film" and adds: ”We set up in this amazing junkyard up in the mountains of Altadena, California and were just set free to explore. It was a Great Adventure.”

Vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Morse and Portnoy are joined in the lineup by bassist Randy George, keyboardist Bill Hubauer and guitarist Eric Gillette.

The Neal Morse Band will head out on the road in early 2019, with dates planned across the US and Europe.

The Neal Morse Band: The Great Adventure

Act I

Chapter 1
1. Overture 
2. The Dream Isn’t Over

Chapter 2
3. Welcome To The World 
4. A Momentary Change
5. Dark Melody
6. I Got To Run
7. To The River

Chapter 3
8. The Great Adventure
9. Venture In Black
10. Hey Ho Let’s Go
11. Beyond The Borders

Act II

Chapter 4
1. Overture 2
2. Long Ago
3. The Dream Continues 
4. Fighting With Destiny 
5. Vanity Fair

Chapter 5
6. Welcome To The World 2
7. The Element Of Fear
8. Child Of Wonder
9. The Great Despair 
10. Freedom Calling
11. A Love That Never Dies