Teramaze go for broke with epic video for 26-minute Sorella Minore

(Image credit: Teramaze)

Australian prog rockers Teramaze have released a video for the epic title rack pf their upcoming album Sorella Minore. You can watch the 26-minute video in full below.

Sorella Minore is Teramaze's eighth album, which will be released on May 11 and sees the band expand on the story of their acclaimed 2015 album Her Halo. At 26-minutes in length, Sorella Minore was a lengthy process for the band to compose, record, mix and arrange. The whole album features four main vocalists, all hailing from Australia - including Dean Wells, Nathan Peachey, Silvio Massaro (Vanishing Point) and Jennifer Borg (Divine Ascension). Each vocalist added their own depth and unique flavours to each character in this instalment of the Her Halo story.

"Soon after her older sister's death in a suspicious accident, the younger sister is kidnapped and locked away from the outside world," explains Teramaze mainman Dean Wells. "Held captive, in a desolate castle tower, her only company is the man who will decide her fate, The Tyrant. He tells her she will soon be forcibly betrothed to him by the foul beast he calls "father". Her only hope is to convince The Tyrant to not be swayed by his father’s riches and power, to defy his demonic will and help her escape."

Teramaze previously released a video for Stone and Between These Shadows.

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Jerry Ewing

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