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Stillwell release Raise It Up video

Stillwell have released a video for their track Raise It Up.

The band features Korn bassist Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu on guitar, P.O.D. drummer Noah ‘Wuv’ Bernardo, Arsonists singer Q-Unique and bassist Pablo ’Spider’ Silva.

The song is the title track of their second album, out on November 13 via Rat Pak Records and follows their 2011 debut Dirtbag.

Raise It Up is available for pre-order via Amazon and iTunes, with those buying ahead of launch getting the title track as an instant download.

Stillwell previously released a video for Mess I Made from the album.

Raise It Up tracklist

  1. Raise It Up
  2. Comin’ Round
  3. Mess I Made
  4. Elephant In The Room
  5. Light ‘Em Up
  6. Rug From Under Me
  7. Background, Front Row
  8. Eggshells
  9. No You Won’t All City
  10. Take A Dive In The Fire