Steven Wilson announces Record Store Day remix album

Steven Wilson
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Steven Wilson has announced the release of a limited edition remix album for Record Store Day. Harmonic Divergence will be a vinyl-only release and will only be available in participating shops on this year’s Record Store Day, April 20.

The new release sees music from Wilson's recent The Harmony Codex album remixed and reimagined by Wilson, as well as longtime bandmates/collaborators and like-minded bands and producers, including Mogwai, Manic Street Preachers, Craig Blundell (Frost*, Steven Wilson), Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steven Wilson) and David Kollar & Arve Henriksen and more.

“One of the most fun and rewarding aspects of The Harmony Codex has been the opportunity to have the music remixed by so many other artists and musicians I admire," Wilson explains. "The material seemed to lend itself so well to reinterpretation.

"This special Record Store Day release features a range of different approaches, best illustrated by the two nine-ten minute remixes which bookend the album - one a euphoric and propulsive reworking of Time is Running Out by Ewan Pearson, the other a claustrophobic treatment of the title track by Mogwai that adds layers of sheet noise to the original. Harmonic Divergence feels to me like the perfect way to give closure to the Harmony Codex project."

None of the tracks on Harmonic Divergence have been available physically before (only Manic Street Preachers remix of Economies Of Scale has been previously released digitally). You can se the new artwork and tracklist below.

Find out more about Record Store Day.

Steven Wilson

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Steven Wilson: Harmonic Convergence tracklist

Side A 
1. Time is Running Out - Ewan Pearson remix (9.20)
2. The Harmony Codex - David Kollar & Arve Henriksen remix (5.10)
3. Codex Theme #10 (0.57)
4. Actual Brutal Facts - Craig Blundell remix (5.09)

Side B
1. Economies of Scale - Manic Street Preachers remix (4.03)
2. Codex Theme #4 (1.37)
3. Rock Bottom - Adam Holzman remix (5.01)
4. The Harmony Codex - Mogwai remix (9.51)
5. Codex Theme #13 (0.47)

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