Steven Wilson's Inclination gets remixed into nine minutes of cosmic Balearic beat

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Gatekeepers and those of a sensitive disposition look away now! Steven Wilson's Inlicnation, a track from his Top Four album The Harmony Codex, has been remixed by producer, mixer and DJ Ewan Pearson into nine minutes of gloriously cosmic Balearic music to chill out to. The track is now available as a limited edition 12” featuring vocal and instrumental remixes.

The seven and a half-minute Inclination opens The Harmony Codex in atmospheric style with resounding drum machines has been remixed by Pearson, who has also worked with the likes of Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode and The Chemical Brothers, into a nine minute

"The song came from a very fragmented rhythm which I found really interesting as a musical basis for everything else," says Wilson. "It ended up being this kind of soulful ballad. One of the things I'm really proud of Inclination is this big silence in the middle of the song and you think the song's over but actually it isn't over, it's just about to begin again.

"[Ewan] has done an amazing job remixing Inclination turning it into a hypnotic cosmic disco odyssey... "

At the same time the Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness podcast The Album Years has returned to the Top Five in the Podcast Charts with its new series, which is focused solely on albums made in 1977 and is available from all podcast sources.

Get Inclination (Ewan Person Remix).

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