Spiritraiser release video for the powerful Invisible Enemy

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Finnish post-progressive quartet Spiritraiser have released a brand new video for the powerful Invisible Enemy, which you can watch below. 

The song is taken from the bands upcoming album Ciklos, the band's second album, which will be released through Italian post-prog label Luminol Records later this year.

"There is this vivid dream I see every now and then which leaves me always helpless and thinking about my own weaknesses," explains singer Jules Näveri of Invisible Enemy. "In the dream I climb up a building and when I reach high enough I let go and fall. Instead of coming down I'm swallowed into darkness where I need to fight something that doesn't reveal itself. I can feel it but my punches don't have strength behind them. The song is about obstacles we build inside ourselves that try to push us down, not letting us dare or challenge ourselves. It's all in our heads. It's your enemy trying to keep you shackled but the enemy is only you yourself."

Spiritraiser formed in Helsinki in 2007, although the current line-up settled in 2014  and the band released their debut album Inspiral in 2018.


(Image credit: Luminol Records)

Spiritriaser: Ciklos
1. Artificial Light 
2. Invisible Enemy
3. Glory 
4. Stream 
5. Quipu 
6. Sirens 
7. Fearism 
8. Virgin Soul 
9. The Wrong Giants 
10. Mountain

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