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Robert Reed reaches for the stars with new video for Man Of Feathers

Robert Reed in an empty warehouse
(Image credit: Aga Tomaszek)

Magenta mainman Robert Reed has released a video for Man Of Feathers. It's taken from Cursus 123 430, his recently released electronic prog album and you can watch the new video below.

"As the current UK stay at home restrictions prevent us from filming a live action video, I decided to attempt a CGI style performance video, based in a Blade Runner-like world," Reed says of the new video. "I approached CGI artist Peter Pashen and we worked together to create this video. I’m really proud of it – we managed to come up with something really good thanks to Peter’s hard work, despite having only a fraction of the budget we really needed."

Cursus 123 430 will shortly be released as a double blue vinyl release on Plane Groovy Records and will feature the original album on three sides, and the complete Symphonic Poem on Side 4. It will also be available on standard black vinyl.

"I’ve had a great reaction to the album from lots of different areas, including within the electronic music world, which was fantastic as it was my first attempt to release music in that genre," Reed continues. "The most surprising reaction was the one I had to the bonus disc, which featured orchestral arrangements of the album themes. I created these versions an experiment and it turned out really well.

"It was great to get back to doing orchestral arrangements; it was something I used to do a lot of when I was doing TV and film work on a regular basis. It’s inspired me to begin a full-scale work orchestral work for Magenta, which I’m working on at the moment, which is really exciting."

Get the vinyl Cursus 123 430.

Jerry Ewing

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