Rikard Sjoblom announces live stream show

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Rikard Sjoblom has also announced that he will perform a live-streamed release concert from his home town of Gävle on September 11. He will be joined by Gungfly band mate Petter Diamant on drums as well as Robert Hansen on bass and Martin Borgh on keyboards.

”I’m really happy that we were asked by Gävle Konserthus to do a streamed concert in front of a studio audience to celebrate the release of Alone Together," he says. "We’re gonna play some songs from the album mixed with a couple of Gungfly classics and also do an interview about the release!”

Rikard Sjoblom's Gungfly released their latest album, Alone Together, last week through InsideOut Music.

“I started writing these songs about a year ago but then it took some time to get started with the production because I had two tours lined up, one with Big Big Train in November and then opening solo for The Flower Kings on their European tour in December," Rikard continues. "After that my focus shifted back to Gungfly and it felt really nice so it all came together pretty fast!

“It was a lot of fun playing both keyboards and guitar because I had come up with a lot of nice parts but I knew early on that I wanted to make the album with the brothers on drums and bass – luckily they were very up for it!” This ‘power-trio’ have focussed on the rock this time, and you can hear that loud and clear: “I didn’t want to smother the production with layers upon layers of keyboards and bells and whistles but instead tried to keep it prog rock with the focus on ROCK. I wanted every instrument to mean something in the mix.” 

Sjoblom will bring Gungfly to the UK in October 2021 for three dates.

01.10: London Dingwalls
02.10: Manchester Academy 3
03.10: Chepstow Summer’s End Festival

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