Floyd put 1968 Wright track in pride of place

David Gilmour is delighted that Pink Floyd managed to include a 1968 recording of late keyboardist Rick Wright in upcoming album The Endless River.

Released on November 10, it’s likely to be their final record, and it’s designed as a tribute to Wright.

The 46-year-old tape was made as the band prepared for an appearance at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Gilmour says on the full-length promotional video below: “On the afternoon before we did it, during the set-up, Rick asked could he have a go on this great big pipe organ that was built in.

“So we set him up, set up a couple of mics up and recorded him playing, just jamming away on his own. We’ve got a piece of that tape from 1968 on the third side of the record.”

The Endless River features just one track with lead vocals, entitled Louder Than Words as a reference to how Floyd’s music circumvents the members’ infamous inability to verbally communicate with each other.

The record is designed to be heard as a four-sided double-vinyl album. Gilmour says: “You have to get into the right mood to listen to this. There are still a lot of people who love to listen that away – to listen to a whole piece all the way through and get really into the mood, rather than listening to shorter pieces. This is for them, really.”

The Endless River has become the most pre-ordered title in the history of online retailer Amazon. Pink Floyd are the cover artists of the current edition of Prog, on sale now.

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