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Pain Of Salvation documentary series begins online

Daniel Gildenlow
Daniel Gildenlow in the opening interview, filmed in 2007

Daniel Gildenlow and Pain Of Salvation are the subject of a documentary series that producers believe could run for multiple seasons.

The first episode of I Set Myself On Fire has been launched after Mapenzi Film spent eight years following the band and amassing material.

They say: “How many episodes or how many seasons it will be is still written in the stars. We are still in the process of editing the upcoming episodes, but we are determined to see this through.

“The film will primarily reflect Daniel’s utter dedication and conviction – and the consequences of this.”

The first episode opens with an interview from June 2007, in which Gildenlow talks about the band’s split with his brother, saying: “Kristofer moved to the Netherlands and it didn’t work out. It was much more complicated to do anything about it than if it had been anyone else. It’s not fun to kick your own brother out of the band.”

Future episodes of I Set Myself On Fire will be released on a fortnightly basis on Mapenzi Film’s website. Pain Of Salvation launch a revisited version of 2002 album Remedy Lane on July 1. They continue work on 10th album In The Passing Light Of Day.