Once & Future Band release video for Problem Addict

Once & Future Band
(Image credit: Once & Future Band)

US prog trio Once & Future Band have released a video for Problem Addict. The song is taken from the band's most recent album Deleted Scenes, which was released in April on Castle Face Records. You can watch the video in full below.

"This song always felt like a love letter to the late Ennio Morricone," explains bassist Eli Eckert. "It feels magically fitting that this song and video are being released right now, an unplanned tribute to one the greatest composers of all time."

"The initial idea was to bring the cover of Deleted Scenes to life via 8-bit video game style animation but once this project got started, it grew to incorporate more elements from the song," adds video producer Christopher Applegren of the song, which is about being an expert at finding ways to avoid going where you need to go, looking for any obstacle you can find and heading full-speed right towards it.

"I imagined that the tower-like structures featured on the Once & Future Band album covers are travellers, sent on a journey across galaxies by some mysterious being to seed new towers on different worlds. The video illustrates that journey and the birth of new towers on one such world, in juxtaposition with literal and figurative representations from the lyrics to the song, Problem Addict.

"These characters from the song are citizens of the endless cityscape shown in the video and album cover. New towers germinate deep underground, burst forth and push up to the sky, disrupting uniformity. Having accomplished it’s objective, the visiting towers return to space to continue their journey."

Jerry Ewing

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