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Obsidian Kingdom launch drone set video

Obsidian Kingdom have released a live video shot during their Drone Set side-project.

It features a performance of their piece BCNmp7. Metal•lúrgies, recorded during a concert in Barcelona last month.

The Catalan outfit say: “We combine our rock band aspect with the Drone Set effort – an ephemeral live project focused on impromptu and sonic experimentation.

“Through active listening and an exclusively live approach we amalgamate drone, noise, ambient music and video projections for a unique and surrounding audiovisual live experience.”

Each session requires the musicians to “rethink their connection with their instruments, deepening their possibilities through unorthodox use.” The effect is maximised through the contributions of a video artist who effectively becomes an additional member of the band.

Obsidian Kingdom will begin recording their second album in the coming weeks. The follow-up to debut Mantiis is expected early next year, featuring new members Seerborn Ape Tot and Om Rex Orale.