Moonparticle get back to nature in new video

Niko Tsonev

Moonparticle have released a video for their new track titled Michelangelo Don’t Stop.

It’s been taken from Niko Tsonev and co’s upcoming album Hurricane Esmeralda, which is set to arrive in October. It was helped by a successful PledgeMusic pre-order campaign which is still taking orders.

Speaking about the track, Tsonev tells Prog: “Michelangelo Don’t Stop is a song about remembering one’s ability to create. Why Michelangelo? The name is just a metaphor for our inner genius potential, which is often left dormant, but nevertheless always there, waiting to be tapped.

“The song is a bit of a trip, with a pseudo-70s film score sonics and it even might sound like a long forgotten childhood memory. It does have that effect on me personally.”

The album also features contributions from artists including pianist Adam Holzman, saxophonist Theo Travis and drummer Craig Blundell, while visual artist Brett Wilde created the Hurricane Esmeralda cover.

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