Moetar launch Entropy video

Moetar have issued a studio performance video of the title track to their second album, Entropy Of The Century.

The follow-up to 2012’s debut From These Small Seeds was launched in late summer, headed with a video for lead track, Regression To The Mean.

Bassist Tarik Ragab recently said: “When I began writing these songs I wanted them to form a narrative about the tumultuous political, economic, social and environmental landscape we are in – countered by the exciting advances in science and technology expanding our ideas about the nature of existence.

“I became interested in entropy, defined as a lack of order or predictability, where a system gradually declines into disorder. However, another way of seeing entropy is as a system transforming into a richer, more complex form, progressing beyond our understanding.”

He adds: “The laws of thermodynamics also became a fascination for me, the idea that energy can’t be created or destroyed. These two concepts and how they relate to our existence became a central theme for most of the songs that I wrote on this album.”

Ragab co-founded Moetar in 2008 with singer Moorea Dickason after the pair worked together in funk-pop band No Origin. They’re joined by guitarist Matthew Heulitt, drummer David Flores and keyboardists Matt Lebofsky and Jonathan Herrera.

Entropy Of The Century is on sale now.