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Mariana Semkina releases video for new solo single, the haunting Friend

Mariana Semkina
(Image credit: Maria Yureva)

Iamthemorning singer Mariana Semkina has released a video for her haunting new solo single Friend, which you can watch below.

It's taken from Semkina's upcoming five-track EP Disillusioned, the follow-up to her 2020 solo album Sleepwalking, which she will release through Bandcamp on October 1.

Friend is quite a personal one but then again all songs that I write for my solo project end up being this way," Semkina explains. "It's a song about human cruelty and how unfair people can be - it tells a story of a personal loss, violation of trust and betrayal. Of a feeling you have when a connection you thought was meaningful and profound turns out to be something fake and shallow. 

"The music video was directed by myself and Eggor Kree, the long term collaborator of iamthemorning. It features the two wonderful actors from St Petersburg theatre Masterskaya, Kristina Kutsa (that was also acting in Everything Burns video last year) and Ricardo Marin-Vidal. The filming process took almost 18 hours because it was filmed in July when St Petersburg was in a terrible heatwave so for better picture and lighting conditions we were forced to shoot in the brief hours before sunset and then before sunrise, and we had to wait out the darkest part of the night in the middle of the forest. The location was quite remarkable too, it's a place from quite a few pantings by famous Russian painter Ivan Shishkin called Ship Grove (Korabelnaya Rosha)."

Disillusioned was recorded remotely across the UK, Canada and Russia with regular collaborators, producer and guitarist Vlad Avy, alongside Grigory Losenkov who played piano, synths, bass and created the beautiful string arrangements. Drums on Disillusioned were played by Svetlana Shumkova who also performed on Iamthemorning’s album The Bell.

While self released on October 1, the EP will be available earlier to members of Mariana’s Pateron community who supported the creation and production of last year’s debut album. 

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Jerry Ewing
Jerry Ewing

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