Kitten Pyramid return with new video for Doughnuts

Kitten Pyramid
(Image credit: Kitten Pyramid)

Burton-On-Trent experimental UK pop-proggers Kitten Pyramid have released a video for their first track in five years, Doughnuts. And of course today is National Doughnut Day!

The single, which is released today, will feature on the bands upcoming new album Koozy!, which will be released through Flip-Flop Records in Spring 2021. Kitten Pyramid released their acclaimed debut album Uh-Oh! in 2013, and followed it with the Five High Scuba Dive EP in2015.

Doughnuts is about the beauty in repetition and of the mundane,” says mainman Scott Milligan. “It’s about the chirpy train of death rhythmically chuffing and clunking away behind us, getting louder as we get older. We all know about the train, it’s the king of elephants in the room. Some of us choose to ignore it, burrowing deep into distracting careers, or curvier, daft stuff like songwriting - or both.

“But whether we choose to be enlightened monks or photocopier salesmen, we all end up in the same departure lounge,” he continues. “With that in mind, I genuinely see beauty in the madness of it all, in the repetition of the journey to work, in shopping, watching telly, getting emotional over banalities. I’m comfortable with the inevitable. Everything is cool. The fact that most of us accept the ‘Same old, same old’ is as beautiful as it is baffling.”

The video was originally going to be created by visual collaborator Richard Williams but instead Milligan found himself at a variety of nearby abandoned locations and with a Victorian train station at his disposal when Shackerstone museum in Leicestershire entrusted him with access.

Accompanied by his wife and daughter, armed with some props, a GoPro and a DJI Mavic Mini drone, Milligan directed, starred in and edited the whole thing, spliced with footage of Bath station recorded by musician-broadcaster friend Tom Robinson, and animation from celebrated skateboard artist Josh Jameson.

“Sometimes the logistics of people, locations and tech can be like herding cats for a music video even without a pandemic,” adds Milligan, “but the only things I had to contend with for Doughnuts was the weather, some inquisitive cows and angry birds having a pop at my drone.”

A vinyl seven-inch version of Doughnuts, backed with Scoffed A Bounty will be released on July 3.


Jerry Ewing

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