Kitten Pyramid release video for new single Aunty Mabel

Kitten Pyramid
(Image credit: Kitten Pyramid)

Quirky UK pop proggers Kitten Pyramid have release a video for brand new single Aunty Mabel. The song is the second single from the band’s upcoming album KOOZY!! due early next year. The video features the UK’s best-loved Grand Dame, Christopher Biggins as Aunty Mabel. You can watch the video in full below.

Aunty Mabel is released on October 10, World Mental Health Day, October 10, and highlights the chaos and confusion that older people can feel in the modern world, and particularly during this pandemic. Information overload and social distancing can add to isolation, loneliness and mental stress. Recognising this, Kitten Pyramid will donate 50% of profits from the sale of Aunty Mabel to Age UK.

Aunty Mabel raises the subject of mental health for the older generation,” says Kitten Pyramid frontman Scott Milligan. “As a result of the alarming suicide rates with young men, raising ‘awareness’ is often directed their way, but I wanted to pay attention to the Aunty Mabels of this world, people who still use a ‘telephone’ and visit the post office. This generation realise they are in the departure lounge of life, and if they’re depressed about it they’ll probably keep it to themselves.

"During the early stages of the pandemic, I saw so many Aunty Mabels defiantly walking to the shops following the ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ mantra because that’s how their generation dealt with a crisis, but they couldn’t see the danger they were in with Covid. Now they’re told to ‘download an app’ when they often don’t even have a mobile.”

“I really enjoyed working with Scott and crew on the video,” adds Biggins, also former Celebrity Ambassador with Age UK, “and I loved representing the sometimes seemingly invisible generation who struggle with technology and are now even more isolated than before. Where the younger generations can communicate from anywhere, the elderly are having to be brought rapidly up to speed on the wonders of Zoom and social media to engage with their loved ones.”

To help support Aunty Mabel’s everywhere, Kitten Pyramid are running a prize draw and store selling Aunty Mabel-themed items including Biggins’ Aunty Mabel glasses, signed artwork by Biggins, the band, artist Josh Jameson and the legendary Rockfield Studios crew, and more. Find out more from the band's website or donate to the KP Age UK fundraiser.

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