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The best Babymetal merch 2021: Fox God masks, t-shirts, Blu-rays and more

The best Babymetal merch 2021: Fox God masks, t-shirts, Blu-rays and more
(Image credit: Pexels/Miriam Espacio)

Kawaii metal heroes Babymetal unleashed their latest studio album Metal Galaxy back in 2019 – ushering in a new era for the Japanese phenomenon.

They've seen their popularity soar dramatically since the launch of their self-titled debut album back in 2014, selling out arenas, not only in the homeland, but across Europe and North America.

In the process, Babymetal have become one of the most recognisable acts in modern metal thanks to their intricate fusion of catchy J-pop and face-melting riffs.

Metal Galaxy was, of course, the group's first album since Yuimetal left the band in 2019, but even despite losing one of their core members, it hasn't stopped the Fox God's finest from blazing a trail across the world.

With every new release comes a bigger swathe of new gear from any band – and Babymetal are no different. There's Babymetal t-shirts, coloured vinyl to stick on your record player, to hugely popular Funko Pop! figures and unusual fan-made jewellery. 

In fact, there's so much stuff around that it can be a bit daunting keeping up. So we've decided to sift through the ever-growing list and select some of the best Babymetal merch around.

The best Babymetal merch you can buy today

Best Babymetal merch: CD and lipstick pack

1. Babymetal Metal Galaxy CD/black lipstick pack

What's better than the latest Babymetal album? A copy that comes with black lipstick, of course

It’s the latest Babymetal album!
Comes with a free black lipstick
Guest vocals from some of metal’s finest
We prefer the vinyl edition

With 14 tracks that include guest spots from Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz and Sabaton's Joakim Brodén, we've really been enjoying wrapping Metal Galaxy around our eardrums since it launched. If, for some strange reason, you've not yet picked it up and have been streaming it instead, then grab this edition now. Not only do you get the album, but it comes and with black lipstick! 

Buy the Babymetal Metal Galaxy CD and Black Lipstick Pack
Or try the Metal Galaxy coloured vinyl

Best Babymetal merch: Pixel Tokyo t-shirt

2. Babymetal Pixel Tokyo t-shirt

Superb 8-bit design taking you right back to the golden age of video games

Cracking retro design
Machine washable
Full Metal Resistance!
Absolutely nothing

There are a plethora of Babymetal t-shirts, ranging from indecipherable death metal style logos to anime designs. However, this is our pick of the bunch, showing the trio in their Metal Resistance guise in a striking 8-bit retro design. It's not too 'out there', but it stamps your allegiance to the Fox God clearly. Plus it's black, so there's that.

Buy the Babymetal Pixel Tokyo t-shirt

Best Babymetal merch: Apocrypha: The Legend Of Babymetal

(Image credit: Amazon)

3. Apocrypha: The Legend Of Babymetal

Learn the lore of the band and the Fox God with this unique Babymetal book

It’s a cool read
One for fantasy fans
Become a Babymetal expert
Only if you loathe reading

Written by the esteemed Prophet Of The Fox God, this book chronicles the band's origins – and they’re far wilder than most artists who simply started jamming together. In Apocrypha: The Legend Of Babymetal, you can follow the Japanese outfit as they attempt to defeat the forces of darkness by assuming various forms throughout history.

Buy Apocrypha: The Legend Of Babymetal (UK)
Buy Apocrypha: The Legend Of Babymetal (US)

Best Babymetal merch: Babymetal Blu-Ray: Live In London

(Image credit: Amazon)

4. Babymetal Blu-Ray: Live In London

Re-live one of Babymetal's most iconic gigs yet

The birth of British Babymetal mania
Get a taste of what they’re like live
Ace rendition of Road To Resistance
Mostly only features first album tracks

With two discs taken from the band's sold out Forum and O2 Academy Brixton shows in London in 2014, this Blu-ray captures when the phenomenon of three K-pop metal stars truly announced themselves to the British scene. Sadly it's limited to tracks from the first album, until a triumphant new rendition of Road Of Resistance ends the Brixton gig to a rapturous reception.

Buy Babymetal Blu-Ray: Live In London (UK)
Buy Babymetal Blu-Ray: Live In London (US)

Best Babymetal merch: Live At The Forum

5. Babymetal: Live At The Forum

The very latest release from Babymetal is set to arrive in May

An unforgettable performance
A slice of history
The very latest from the group
Nothing we can think of

If you’re after something a bit more up to date, then you’re in luck, as Babymetal are preparing to release their new DVD and Blu-ray titled Live At The Forum. The performance was captured in Los Angeles in October 2019 - their first-ever US arena show. A total of 17,000 fans packed into the venue to see Babymetal do their thing - and it’s an unforgettable performance.

Buy Babymetal: Live At The Forum

Best Babymetal merch: Babymetal Fox Mask

(Image credit: Amazon)

6. Babymetal Fox God Mask

The best Babymetal merch for paying homage to the Fox God

Quirky and fun
One size fits all
Super-funky design
The elasticated band can dig into your head a little

We're all hopeful that things will be getting back to normal once Halloween rolls around, so get in before the rush and grab this rather eye-catching Fox God mask. There are some pretty expensive replicas out there, but this one is an ideal option to kick-start your cosplay set, especially if you plan on throwing it out to the crowd afterwards.

Buy the Babymetal Fox God Mask (UK)
Buy the Babymetal Fox God Mask (US)

Best Babymetal merch Lullaby CD

7. Babymetal: Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star

It's Babymetal, but not as you know them!

Perfect chill-out music
Something toddlers will love
Babymetal with a difference
Not one for rocking out to

OK, something a little different, but bear with us. While we all love listening to Babymetal with the volume cranked up, this CD is decidedly more laid back – as a range of Babymetal tracks have been given a lullaby makeover. Expect to fall asleep to the gentle and soothing sounds of Gimme Chocolate!!, Karate, Road Of Resistance and more.

Buy Babymetal: Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star

Best Babymetal merch Baseball cap

8. Babymetal Logo Japanese Kawaii Metal Baseball Cap

Let the world see just how much you love Babymetal

Great design
Comfortable fit
It's Babymetal!

Show off your love of Babymetal to the world with this super-neat baseball cap. It’s a comfy fit thanks to its 100% cotton denim fabric and it’s great for when you’re out on your daily walk or for wearing during your work conference calls. The Fox God approves!

Buy the Babymetal Logo Japanese Kawaii Metal Baseball Cap

Best Babymetal merch: Babymetal artwork: 9.5 x 13 Illustrated Print

(Image credit: Etsy)

9. Babymetal artwork: 9.5 x 13 Illustrated Print

The best Babymetal merch for making your room even more (Baby)metal

Cool scanned copic drawing
Looks ace when framed
Can also be bought with a glossy finish
Canada shipping rates apply

The internet is full of fans' drawings of Babymetal in their iconic costumes and striking their favourite poses during their world-obliterating rise to the top. This anime-style pic is one of the best out there and comes as an A4 size print that is deserving to be framed and take pride of place above your Fox God shrine.

Buy the Babymetal artwork: 9.5 x 13 Illustrated Print

10. Babymetal Skull & Sword t-shirt

Another eye-catching design for your wardrobe

Cool design
Soft, cosy feel
Regularly sells out, so be quick if you want it

This is another of our favourite Babymetal t-shirts. The white cartoony sword and shield design really stands out against the black background. It's made with 100% Ring spun cotton, is machine washable and is super soft more maxium comfort while your dancing to your favourite Babymetal tracks. We love it!

Buy the Babymetal Skull & Sword t-shirt