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Best AC/DC t-shirts 2021: Back In Black (and white, grey...)

Best AC/DC t-shirts 2021: Back In Black (and white, grey...)
(Image credit: Etsy/Amazon)

AC/DC have pumped out some memorable album artwork over the decades, some of it questionable, some iconic, but much of which has influenced the look of the best AC/DC t-shirts featured here. Back In Black, Highway To Hell, Powerage and Whole Lotta Rosie continue to inspire a range of tee designs from subtle to eye-wateringly flamboyant, so you can be as covert or as proud of your AC/DC allegiance as you like.

As you probably know, the world of band merch ranges from mainstream buys to the ‘Jesus, that’s weird!’, so it isn’t limited to t-shirts, hoodies and tanks. You can load up on band booze (unless you’d rather make your own beer at home with a home brew kit), plus limited edition vinyl for your beloved record player: turntables your vinyl collection deserves. Slipknot fans can even snap-up super-detailed handmade masks, among other crazy Slipknot merch, to out-do other maggots.

But hey, we’re supposed to be talking best AC/DC t-shirts, so let’s cut to the chase. Whether you want a slim-fitting tee with rolled sleeves to wear under a leather jacket, or a simple tank to tuck into your jeans, we’ve got both and more right here…

Best AC/DC t-shirts

The best AC/DC t-shirts and AC/DC merch to buy 

Best AC/DC t-shirts: AC/DC Boyfriend T-shirt with Aquatint

(Image credit: GoodieTees)

1. AC/DC Boyfriend T-shirt with Aquatint

The best AC/DC t-shirt for wearing with, well, everything

Super-soft feel
Rolled sleeves
Vintage style
One of the pricier AC/DC t-shirts

1979’s Highway To Hell was a huge breakthrough album for ’DC, breaking the US Top 100, and also the last to feature Bon Scott on vocals. Anyone familiar with that LP will recognise the line-up on this tee, albeit with Bon leaning in from the left instead of the right (as on the album cover).

Tying in with that ’70s line-up, this women’s AC/DC t-shirt has a distinct vintage feel, enhanced by the slim-fit cut and rolled sleeves. Any stylist worth their salt will tell you that the heavier a t-shirt’s material, the better it hangs when worn. Same story here… It’s made from 100 percent cotton, so the tee skims over tummies and hips. 

But honestly, we can’t get enough of that classic print encircled with a vibrant aqua trim. This tee might be new, but it looks hella vintage and is the best AC/DC t-shirt for wearing with everything from battered leather jackets to ripped skinnies and Converse.

Best AC/DC t-shirts: 4. AC/DC T-shirt with Back In Black Vegemite Print

(Image credit: Hamwizen at Etsy)

2. AC/DC T-shirt with Back In Black Vegemite Print

The best AC/DC t-shirt for putting some brewer’s yeast in your hard rock diet

Epic print
Heavy cotton
Huge range of sizes
Clever print

Vegemite, like Marmite, instantly divides: you either love the stuff or loathe it so much you’d happily nuke the lot. There’s no such polarising with Back In Black, AC/DC’s greatest studio album and a powerful tribute to Bon Scott, who died several months prior to the album’s July 1980 release. It’s also the first album to feature frontman Brian Johnson, who blew everyone away with his high-ranging vocals.

There are tons of Back In Black shirts around (indeed, there’s another featured a little further down), but this one has graced our best AC-DC t-shirts list because some genius had the bright idea to marry Vegemite and Acca Dacca to make this epic print.

Like the first shirt in this guide, it’s made of heavy cotton so it’ll hang well in the places you want it too and skim over the ones you’d rather ignore. It also comes in a big range of sizes, so you can wear it anywhere from super-fitted to super-sized. 

Best AC/DC t-shirts: AC/DC T-shirt Whole Lotta Rosie

(Image credit: Retro T-shirts Studio)

3. AC/DC T-shirt Whole Lotta Rosie

You could say this tee’s got it all…

Available in 10 different colours
Big range of sizes from S to 4X
Standard fit
Some of the colours are ‘interesting’

This t-shirt is available to buy from Etsy

Penned by Bon Scott and Angus and Malcolm Young, Whole Lotta Rosie was written about a Tasmanian woman named Rosie (natch) who had a one-nighter with AC/DC’s red-blooded frontman. As the lyrics reveal, Rosie was incredibly buxom and, ahem, talented in the sack.

This t-shirt is basic in terms of cut and design, so it’s the lyrical nod to one of the band’s most beloved blues rock brawlers that you’re paying for here. It comes in standard issue black, plus nine other colours. But for god’s sake, stay away from the garish yellow – nobody wants to see that.

Best AC/DC t-shirts: AC/DC Hoodie Powerage Pullover

(Image credit: AC/DC)

4. AC/DC Hoodie Ballbreaker Pullover

Stay warm with this official AC/DC merch hoodie

A cold-weather winner
Front ‘hand warmer’ pouch
Eye-catching design
Not the best 'DC album

Love the Powerage AC/DC hoodie featured further down this list but want a different colour? Then try this navy pullover on for size. Ok so Ballbreaker was more miss than hit, and the lyrics were dire, but there’s no denying the captivating album artwork, which takes pride of place here and is complemented by a grey draw cord.

It’s a cotton-polyester mix hoody that feels soft and snug against the skin, and should provide a welcome extra layer during the colder months. It can also take the place of a jacket if you’re heading to a gig but don’t want to visit the cloakroom – just tie the hoodie around your waist instead.

Best AC/DC t-shirts: 3. AC/DC T-shirt Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

(Image credit: Captain Fantastic Tees)

5. AC/DC T-shirt Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

The best AC/DC T-shirt for advertising nefarious services?

Eye-catching design
Battered vintage feel
Long delivery time
Shipping fee is higher than average

This t-shirt is available to buy from Etsy

Believe it or not, there are some people who have never heard of AC/DC. But some of those folk will have heard Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, thanks in no small part to the $288-million blockbuster comedy genius that was Bridesmaids. They couldn’t have chosen a better song for that tennis scene.

Dirty Deeds... is the inspiration for this best AC/DC t-shirts contender, and we love its soft feel just as much as the scuffed vintage design. You can buy it in grey or white, if you’re feeling extra fresh, and in men’s and women’s fitted sizes.

The delivery time sucks (on average it’s anywhere from two-three weeks), but this is a handmade item so perhaps we need to employ a little patience. Also, you won’t walk into any old shop and find this hanging off the peg, so if you’re into slightly more exclusive AC/DC t-shirts, slip into this one pronto. Wanna get all 80s with it? Tuck the tee into your belted jeans and don’t forget your Adidas Sambas.

Best AC/DC t-shirts: AC/DC Tank Top for Women in black

(Image credit: Iapoport)

6. AC/DC Tank Top for Women

We’re back in black, but also pink or blue, with this simple tank

Flattering scoop neck
Choice of colours
Looks ace with jeans
Pricey shipping cost to UK

It may not look like much, but a tank top is a pretty versatile piece of clothing. Yes you can wear it on its own during warmer weather, perhaps with jeans or tucked into a skirt, but you can also layer a tank underneath shirts and coatigans when the mercury dips. 

It can also be worn as part of your pyjamas or nightwear, though with a higher shipping cost to UK customers (US readers, you’re golden), we’d wear it with everything, all the time, to get our money’s worth.

This handmade AC/DC tank top for women is simple in its design and sports a flattering scoop neck and thick, supportive shoulder straps. It’s another subtle nod to Back In Black, with the words forming the shape of a guitar on the front of the tank. 

Best AC/DC t-shirts: AC/DC T-shirt with Bon Scott Tribute Print

(Image credit: Interzone Apparel)

7. AC/DC T-shirt with Bon Scott Tribute Print

The best AC/DC t-shirt for Bon Scott fans

Soft jersey knit
Tailored fit
Hand printed
Tighter fit isn’t for everyone

When it comes to contenders for the greatest rock ’n’ roll frontman of all time, Bon Scott is right up there among an elite few. He would prowl the stage, inciting near-riotous behaviour in the crowd while dishing out raunchy one-liners that’d make even his road-worn bandmates blush.

This handmade AC/DC t-shirt depicts Bon in his classic gig attire, which was often some form of double denim, a whopping belt buckle and a bare chest. The tee is crafted from soft jersey knit, making it one of the most luxurious-feeling shirts in this list. 

It’s semi-fitted too, so while it isn’t clingy, the ‘tubular’ style will certainly closely follow the shape of your body. We can’t think of a better AC/DC t-shirt to wear underneath a razored, bleach wash denim jacket.

Best AC/DC t-shirts: AC/DC T-shirt with Back In Black Logo

(Image credit: AC/DC)

8. AC/DC Back In Black Short Sleeve T-shirt

The best AC/DC t-shirt for representing the band’s greatest album

Classic album design
Standard issue rock attire
Official AC/DC merch
Your nan probably has one

Oh come on, you’d string us up if we wrote a best AC/DC t-shirts guide and didn’t include this stone cold classic. In fact, we’d go as far as to argue that no ’DC fan should be without one – and it’s affordable too, so you really have zero excuses.

Another piece of official band merchandise, AC/DC’s own Back In Black t-shirt is crafted from 100 per cent cotton and features a simple crew neck and standard fit. Wear it with your black jeans, leather jacket and Cons and you’ll be suitably attired for any rock gig—hard, generic or somewhere in between.

Best AC/DC t-shirts: AC/DC Varsity Jacket in black with white and red trim

(Image credit: AC/DC)

9. AC/DC Varsity Jacket

Smarten up, ’DC college sports-style

Looks smart on
Warm yet breathable
Good alternative to hoodies
That back logo ain’t shy

When is an AC/DC t-shirt not an AC/DC t-shirt? When it’s an AC/DC Varsity Jacket, of course. Officially licensed by the band, this college sports-style top is super-easy to wear and makes an instant style statement.

Classic varsity styling is present in the monochrome striped cuffs and collar, accented by white popper fastener buttons running the length of the jacket. Pinning your band colours to the mast are two AC/DC logos: one on the left breast and a larger one emblazoned across the back. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it.

This official slice of AC/DC merch looks ace worn with slim-fitting jeans, or even a pair of chinos and some low tops if you want to play up that ‘preppy but with a hard rock edge’ look. 

Best AC/DC t-shirts: AC/DC T-shirt with Angus Young Word Print in white

(Image credit: The Icons Collection)

10. AC/DC T-shirt with Angus Young Word Print

Best AC/DC t-shirt for giving a nod to the eternal schoolboy

Clever word print design
Bicep-flattering rolled sleeves
Huge choice of sizes and colours
Some of the names are repeated

Just like a Bon Scott tee or a Back In Black shirt, any self-respecting AC/DC fan will have at least perused the sea of Angus Young tees available online. We’re pretty smitten with this one, which is another somewhat subtle way to pay tribute to the king of the rock riff. 

Angus’s face is made up of the names of various AC/DC songs, album names, band members, producers and other key personnel, including original bassist Larry Van Kriedt and 2016’s Rock Or Bust tour (legs 6-7) fill-in frontman Axl Rose. 

We’re loving the rolled sleeves and breathable cotton mix, and how you can buy it in a huge array of sizes and 15 different colours, including black, white and light blue. Want to be a little clever with your Angus Young homage? This is the best AC/DC t-shirt to do it with.

Best AC/DC t-shirts: AC/DC Powerage Pullover Hoody in black with neon circle

(Image credit: Absolute Cult)

11. AC/DC Hoodie Men's Circle Neon Powerage Pullover

Need something warmer? Try an AC/DC hoodie instead…

Easy to wear
Soft and thick
Handy front pouch pocket
Pullover style isn’t for everyone

Powerage is such a swaggeringly cool rock ’n’ roll record that both Keith Richards and Joe Perry cited it as their favourite AC/DC album. And this toasty hoodie is the ideal way to pay tribute to the Australian quintet’s sumptuous slice of gritty rock.

As part of an official AC/DC merch line sold by Absolute Cult, the Powerage Hoodie is superbly made and snug enough to offer a more tailored fit without feeling clingy. The material is a heavyweight blend of cotton and polyester, so it’s designed to wash well.

The double fabric hood is a good size too (ie, not too baggy or gnome-esque), and sports a draw cord for pulling tighter in the wind, while the front pocket pouch is the ideal place to stash your phone and keys if you’re out sans-backpack.

Other AC/DC merch too cool to miss:

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