Judas Priest ex KK Downing in Hostile's Freedom Act video

A still from Hostile's Freedom Act video
A still from Hostile's Freedom Act video

Former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing makes a guest appearance on Hostile’s video for their new track Freedom Act.

The song is taken from the British metal outfit’s second album The New World Disorder, which is out now.

Downing produced the album and was also behind the desk for their 2013 debut Eve Of Destruction.

The New World Disorder includes a cover version of Priest track Blood Stained.

On how the band came to be working with Downing, Hostile guitarist AJ Mills tells Steel Mill: “KK actually went to school with my uncle Steve, believe it or not. We are all from the same hood, the Black Country, where, as you well know, is the birthplace of heavy metal.

“Steve convinced KK to step out of his metal fortress in Shropshire to come and check out Hostile play live at a place called JB’s in Dudley.

“The really cool thing about this is that Priest actually used to play at this venue, when they were just starting out. After the show, KK told us that he would like to produce our album, so we played it cool whilst he was still there, and after he left to go back home, we all went crazy.

“Being massive Judas Priest fans, it was a dream come true.”

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