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Jon Anderson hits out at state of the world in new video for Go Screw Yourself

Jon Anderson
(Image credit: Jon Anderson)

Jon Anderson has released a video for his brand new song, the hard-hitting Go Screw Yourself in which he expresses clear dismay with the state of the world and our politicians.

Former Yes singer Anderson says he wrote the song after the Sandy Hook School shootings of 2012 in which 26 people lost their lives, but feels that with the way things are in the world, now is the right time to release it. You can watch the video in full below.

"Wrote this song after the horrific school shootings.. at Sandy Hook... and more... just breaks your heart when nothing gets done," says Anderson. "Gun laws be Dammed... same with Priests screwing children in the name of WHAT!!!....then hiding it all away...!!!

"So now is the perfect time for the song to be heard and seen ..we are at a breaking point with a mad man in charge of this amazing country.....we must change our being to help the world heal...and yes I said Fuckers!!!

"So what!! 'Make love not war' - John Lennon... peace and love always. Jon!"

Anderson recently announced the release of a new reissue of his second solo album, 1980's Song Of Seven, for November.

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