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I'm a self-confessed whisky fanatic and these are the Prime Day whisky deals I’m buying

I'm a whisky fanatic and these are the Prime Day whisky deals I’m buying
(Image credit: Future/Scott Munro)

Bottles of single malt whisky, blends, bourbons, ryes and grains have really been flying off the shelves over the last decade faster than a corked dram going down the plughole. It's just as well, then, that Amazon have smashed the price of several tasty whiskies as part of their Prime Day whisky deals extravaganza – like the splendid Talisker 10, which has been drained from £44 to just £26.99 – a peat-infused saving of £17.

Talisker 10 year old: Was £44, now £26.99 - save £17
Talisker 10 is a classic malt and was until fairly recently, the ony distillery on Skye. It's a wonderful dram, with a smoky, coastal character, but that punch of peat is balanced beautifully with soft fruit notes.View Deal

Talisker is one of only two distilleries on the Isle Of Skye – the other being newcomer Torabhaig (good luck finding a bottle of that out in the wild!) and it's celebrated for its coastal character and salt and pepper finish which blend in beautifully with fruit notes like pear and apple. It's undergone a spanking new redesign, but thankfully the juice in the bottle is still the same.

As someone who has amassed quite a collection of whisky over the years, I don't need any more, but that hasn't stopped me buying some, and I've had my eye on the Amazon Prime Day whisky deals to see what they have to offer. Below, you'll find a few bottles that I recommend – and all are available at great prices. Cheers.

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Glengoyne 10 year old: Was £36.99, now £25 - save £11.99
Glengoyne is a beautiful distillery situated just outside of Glasgow and it produces un-peated malts. The 10 year old is the entry point and will give you a good indication of the distillery's character.View Deal

Laphroaig Quarter Cask: Was £44, now £27 - save £17
Attention peatheads! The Laphroaig Quarter Cask doesn't mess about and will smack you about the chops with its medicinal, peaty character. This is a step up from the standard 10 year old thanks to a higher ABV, even though it doesn't carry and age statement (which it should really, but don't get me started).View Deal

Naked Grouse Blended Whisky: Was £27, now £19 - save £8
Away from the single malts and on to a blended malt at an amazing price. The Naked Grouse is an easy-going, non-peated, everyday sipper which for £19 is an absolute steal. Buy two!View Deal

Johnnie Walker Double Black: £42.50, now £25 - save £17.50
The Double Black shares many of the characteristics with the Johnnie Walker 12 year old but with the smokiness ramped up. No age statement on this blended whisky, but a dependable dram which for 25 notes is a must-buy.View Deal

Johnnie Walker 18 year old: Was £52.84, now £47 - save £5.84
Sticking with Johnnie Walker, Amazon have poured a wee bit of cash from the RRP on the tasty 18 year old. This blended whisky is a great sipper and while the price is encroaching into single malt territory, I think it’s well worth the price.View Deal

Woodford Reserve Bourbon: Was £32, now £19.99 - save £12
While Scotch whisky is my thing, I’ve always enjoyed bourbons and ryes. The Woodford Reserve is a delicious drop and it’s choc full of sweet vanilla and coffee notes. Definitely one to sip over the summer. For this price, you can’t go wrong.View Deal

Tin Cup American Whiskey: Was £29, now £22.40 - save £6.60
I first discovered Tin Cup at a whisky festival several years ago and bought a bottle the following week. The tin cup that comes with it is a bit gimmicky, but this is a great pour either neat or with a rock. Also makes a good mixer.View Deal

Scott Munro

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