Iamthemorning detail Lighthouse


Iamthemorning will release their third album Lighthouse in April, they’ve confirmed.

The Russian prog duo’s follow up to 2014 effort Belighted will be issued on April 1 via Kscope.

Lighthouse will be available on CD, LP and in digital formats, with pre-orders on offer now.

Gleb Kolyadin and Marjana Semkina last year issued live album From The House Of Arts via Kickstarter to help fund what would become Lighthouse, saying they were in a “terrible debt hole” at the time.

They said: “Belighted left us in a terrible debt hole, despite the crowdfunding campaign. The main reason was that we had no experience running campaigns, and we couldn’t make proper calculations of what we actually needed.”

Engineering and mixing on Lighthouse is handled by Marcel van Limbeek, with the record self produced by the band. The album features guest musicians Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree and King Crimson on drums, Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree on bass.

Riverside’s Mariusz Duda sings backing vocals on the title track.

Iamthemorning say: “Lighthouse is a rich and eclectic album, with echoes of classical music, the Canterbury scene, northern folk, jazz and electronic sounds.

“Featuring a story of the progression of mental illness, the album takes the listener through the stages with the story’s central character, her attempts to fight it, temporal remission leading to a final breakdown.

“Lyrically, the works and lives of Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath inspire the album.”


  1. I Came Before the Water (pt. I)
  2. Too Many Years
  3. Clear Clearer
  4. Sleeping Pills
  5. Libretto Horror
  6. Lighthouse (feat. Mariusz Duda)
  7. Harmony
  8. Matches
  9. Belighted
  10. Chalk And Coal
  11. I Came Before the Water (pt. II)
  12. Post Scriptum