Iamthemorning launch album pledge campaign


Iamthemorning will release a live album via Kickstarter to help them fund the recording of their third studio record – and escape from what they call a “terrible debt hole.”

Russian duo Marjana Semkina and Gleb Kolyadin launched Belighted via Kscope last year – but say they’re out of pocket after miscalculating the associated costs.

They hope sales of live title From The House Of Arts can help fill the shortfall, along with aiding their next project.

Iamthemorning say: “Belighted left us in a terrible debt hole, despite the crowdfunding campaign. The main reason was that we had no experience running campaigns, and we couldn’t make proper calculations of what we actually needed.”

They add that they’ve learned from their mistake, and continue: “If this campaign goes well, it will let us gather some financial and moral strength, and pay all the debts, while recording album three.”

From The House Of Arts was recorded during a concert in Moscow last year. It’s set for release at the end of October and it’s available to pre-order now via their Kickstarter page.